CREATiONS by val photography | About Me

Building "CREATiONS BY val" has been a journey. Being blessed with a village of honest hearts & supportive people has been such an inspiration for me to follow my goal in the arts.

I once use to push for things to happen, even if it wasn't time. Some of the best advice was shared with me years ago and I live and swear by it today. Simply "ride the wave". Because of this guidance I have experienced things in the present and this new way of looking at the world opened up to me, not only in the arts but in my personal life as well. I never wanted to let go of what was gone. I wanted to continue to feel the moment. With photography and other avenues in being creative I was able to do just that. Life can be really beautiful, filled with heart-skip a-beat-moments.

Documenting and capturing memories has been my life line since I can remember. I had a 110 and a  Polaroid in my hands before I even started grade school. The pop noise that came from the 110 blaring blue flash was such a rush. The smell of the Polaroid images and high pitch whistle before the image even came out were exhilarating. I was quickly aware of light sources, reflections, and most of all people in a moment, their moment. I had to have more. I continued experimenting with various cameras and techniques. In addition, I explored painting, loved drawing, did crafts galore, and enjoyed numerous other art forms. I took every class that had "art" in the description.

My first love was documentary photography, I captured many different lifestyles. Shooting with film and self-developing at the time was a passion itself. I met so many interesting people and the adventures I had still play back when I look at those Images. These experiences have guided my relationships with my clients. Realizing all emotions are beautiful and worth capturing. Life is about people and the moments you create with them.

Some time ago I made a choice to have a life and career that would fill my heart with truth and joy. Real life, the sea, and a good iced espresso is simply my passion.

Have a happy moment; find your wave and thanks for stopping by!